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Apal Agricultural Laboratory

Plant Testing

APAL’s highly cost-effective and selective monitoring tool makes it easy to maintain plant health and optimise crop and pasture production.

APAL can determine the current nutrient status of your crop or pasture by chemical testing of plant tissue (usually leaves or petioles). Our plant analysis provides a clear indication of plant health and of the availability for nutrient uptake through the roots and leaves.

Used correctly, plant tissue testing is a highly cost effective and strategic monitoring tool for maintaining plant health and optimising your crop and pasture production. An essential part of the process is diagnosing and correcting existing nutrient problems.

APAL’s plant tissue testing is valuable for:

  • Monitoring crop nutrient status for optimal crop production.
  • Ensuring balanced plant nutrient levels for top produce quality.
  • Predicting plant nutrient problems during the growing season to avoid production loss.
  • Understanding interactions between the soil and plant nutrient uptake.
  • Formulating foliar spray programs to address nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.
  • Determining the uptake of applied nutrients by the plant.
  • Providing a guide to animal health problems.

Reporting is available either as data only or graphically including crop specific ranges sourced from referenced standards.

Example Reports

Plant Graph

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