Water Testing


Water for Irrigation and Livestock Analysis  $93.50  ( including GST )

(Please note that APAL cannot test untreated effluent water for irrigation)

Analysis includes the following parameters:

pH, Total Alkalinity, Bicarbonate, Carbonate, Calcium Ca, Magnesium Mg, Hardness, Saturation Index, Sodium Na, Chloride Cl, Conductivity EC S/cm, Sodium Absorption Ratio SAR, Total Dissolved Solids TDS mg/L, Nitrate NO3, Phosphorus P, Sulphur S, Potassium K, Aluminium Al, Iron Fe, Cobalt Co, Copper Cu, Managanese Mn, Zinc Zn, Boron B, Molybdenum Mo

      Heavy Metals: analysis for the presence of heavy metals is also performed on request. 
      (there is an additional cost of $319 for 1 sample or $187 for 2+ samples)

The associated interpretive report compares the test sample to those levels recommended by the (US) National Research Council, the (Australian) National Academy of Sciences and the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) standards. The latter applies where organic standards are required.

Consultant Report in addition-recommendations by Pro Ag $49.50 ( including GST )

      Independent Pro Ag Consulting interpretive report and recommendations for irrigation and
      livestock use.



     Example of a Water Test Report