Pricing 2013-2014



TURN AROUND TIME: 10 working days from receipt of sample

APAL Premium Soil Test- $121.00 ( including GST )

Presented in a colour graph report showing deficiencies

A complete soil test: Total Exchange Capacity TEC, Organic Matter OM, pH (water), Nitrogen N, Sulphur S, Phosphorus (Olsen/Bray 2), Phosphorus Recovery %, Calcium Ca, Magnesium Mg, Potassium K, Sodium Na,Salts EC, Boron B, Iron Fe, Manganese Mn, Copper Cu & Zinc Zn. Includes Base saturation percentages and interpretation of cation balance (Ca:Mg:K:Na Ratio), calculation of lime, dolomite and gypsum requirements -  all expressed in kg/ha to allow easy calculation of fertiliser needed.

Consultant Report in addition - $49.50 ( including GST )

     Interpretation of the Premium Soil Test by Pro Ag with recommendations, including an easy
     step-by-step program to follow for your soil to reach its full potential.

Extra Elements

in addition to those included in the soil test:

Chlorides - $8.80 ( including GST)                        

Molybdenum - $13.20 ( including GST)

Cobalt - $13.20 (including GST )

Aluminium - $13.20 ( including GST)

Nitrogen NO3 & NH3 - $13.20 (including GST) 

Total P - $13.20 (including GST)

SUBSOIL TEST for pH, EC, Cl & B - $44.00 ( including GST )

REAMS TEST for Ca, Mg, K, Na & P - $55.00  ( including GST )

REAMS TEST - $38.50 ( including GST )      

     In addition to a Complete Soil Test.

Soil Biological Activity Test - $66.00 ( including GST )

     Provides an excellent indicator of soil health by calculating soil microbial activity based on
evolution.  (Analysis by CIAAF)

Administration Charges

     APAL reserves the option to charge for additional costs incurred in preparing
     and administering samples:


  • In-complete Paperwork Fee -  $11/batch (including GST)

  • Additional sample preparation required - $5.50/sample or $44/hour ( including GST)                        

  • Re-printing of previous reports - $5.50/sample or $44/hour ( including GST)

Test Analysis Options and Prices:

Pricing for all APAL tests 2013-2014

APAL forms to download (Farmer / Producer)

APAL forms to download (Agent / Consultant)