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All you want to know about how your soil is performing

Comprehensive and accurate soil analysis is vital for understanding your soil. A detailed analysis will form the basis for specific soil fertility programs tailored to fit your operation and goals.

The APAL Premium Soil Test measures 24 different parameters. The results indicate the soil’s ability to provide nutrients in a plant available form to assist optimum yield and quality.

What is different about the APAL PREMIUM soil test?

  • Soil requirements are calculated to each sample’s total exchange capacity (TEC) so that only the nutrients needed are applied. This avoids wasteful over-fertilising which is expensive and can also create soil imbalances.
  • Deficiencies and excesses are clearly defined and prioritised so that the fertiliser budget can be targetted effectively.
  • Deficiencies and excesses are expressed in kg/ha of element for easy calculation of fertilisers and amendments required.
  • Soil problems and limits to production are clearly defined including constraints to the production and health of grazing livestock.

Premium soil test method

Soils are complex living systems where increasing the availability of one element will always reduce the availability of one or more of the others. Too much of any element will reduce the plant uptake of others so identifying soil excesses is as important as finding the deficiencies.

The soil analysis is based on the concept of balance – creating the right balance of nutrients in your soil for optimum plant uptake. When the soil chemical balance is right, soil physical characteristics will also improve, creating ideal conditions for healthy soil microbial activity.

The APAL principle is to "feed the soil and then allow the soil to feed the plant". Once your soil is balanced with the right quantities and ratios of major and trace elements you will experience improved:

  • yields
  • percentage of premium produce
  • quality of produce – appearance, weights, taste, shelf life
  • food nutrient value
  • resistance to pests and diseases
  • livestock performance
  • water use efficiency
  • fertilizer use efficiency

The APAL advantage

APAL is an independent soil testing laboratory with no vested interests in any fertiliser company. We give you an honest assessment of your soil’s health and fertility and you benefit because we focus on how to improve this without external commercial considerations.

APAL is committed to sustainable agriculture both organic and conventional and our consultants work in all areas of agricultural and horticultural production including:

  • Broad acre crops – cereals, oilseeds, pulses.
  • Orchard crops
  • Vines
  • Olives
  • Cotton
  • Vegetables
  • Greenhouse crops
  • Flowers
  • Livestock – including animal nutrition, feed analysis & supplements
  • Dairies
  • Turf
  • Public parks & gardens
  • Home gardens

APAL consultants are also experienced in the remediation and restoration of soils with production limitations such as:

  • Salinity
  • Sodicity
  • Acidity / alkalinity
  • Compaction / water-logging
  • Poor nutrient retention
  • Non wetting
  • Low organic matter

Send us your difficult soils and we will work with you to restore them to productivity.

Extended consulting services are also available via email or on-farm, so call us anytime to discuss our terms and charges.

Every APAL PREMIUM soil test includes

The full range of major and trace elements are analysed to get a complete picture of nutrient status of your soil, including: Total Exchange Capacity (TEC), pH, Ec (conductivity), Organic Matter, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Phosphate Recovery %, Exchangeable Cations – Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Trace Elements - Boron, Iron, Manganese, Copper & Zinc.

Additional Tests

Chlorides, NO3 & NH3, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Aluminium and Total Phosphorus:   Selection of these additional tests will depend on your crop, pasture and soil conditions so call us if you have any queries.

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Soil Test Example

Soil Test Example

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