Sample Collection

Plant sampling for sap testing.

      It is important to take a good representative sample from your crop, selecting actively
      growing parts of the plants.

      Be consistent in your sample collection method:
  • Sample at the same time of the day- early morning is the best.
  • Mark your sampling area if subsequent samples will be sent.

 Plant Parts to sample:

  • whole tops up until tillering
  •  after tillering 10cm of basal stem
  • rosette stage- youngest expanded leaf
  • later stages 3rd to 4th leaf from growing tip
  • remove leaf blade and send in petioles ( mid rib )
  • select youngest side shoots - send in entire shoots with leaves
       Do not include roots or soil with your samples.

Sending the samples:

  • place plant samples into a clean zip lock plastic bag
  • if there is any delay in sending the samples, please refrigerate but do not freeze.
  • label bags clearly with sample name / crop type / growth stage.
  • Fill out an APAL submission and Order form - link below
  • Send samples by courier or Express Post.

       Plant Sap Tissue Submission form

       Plant Sap Tissue Order form