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Pro Ag Consulting
PO Box 1701, Burnside SA 5066

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Specialising in Soil, Plant and Animal Nutrition, Health and Management

Brief Resume for Colin Trengove BSc BVMS MVS CPAg

Colin is a Director of Pro Ag Consulting, a whole farm consultancy service, based at the Australian Perry Agricultural Laboratory, 489 The Parade, Magill S.A.. He studied Rural Science at the University of New England, Armidale before graduating in 1979 from Veterinary Science at Murdoch University, Perth. Subsequently he obtained his Master of Veterinary Studies in Preventative Health Programs at Melbourne University in 1991. He has also gained Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists by examination in Epidemiology and Certified Practicing Agriculturalist from the Australian Institute of Agricultural Scientists and Technologists by peer review.

Colin is past President of the Australian Veterinary Association (SA Division) (2006-07), the Australian Sheep Veterinary Society(1992-94) and the Soil Association of South Australia (2007-08).

Colin’s main interests are focussed on whole farm nutrition, health, production and management stemming from his involvement in the family beef, sheep & cropping farm at Spalding in the mid north of SA. In 1996 following 17 years working around South Australia in private veterinary practice (6 years) and the Department of Primary Industries (11 years), he joined Pro Ag Consulting – a company which combines the disciplines of soil science, agronomy and veterinary science for a holistic approach to farm nutrition, management and health. In 2000, he co-founded the Australian Perry Agricultural Laboratory which offers a range of unique soil, plant, feed and water analyses. He is actively involved in the management of and services offered by APAL. In addition, he provides a one-to-one farm consultancy service; manages and audits disease market assurance programs to over 40 farmers; manages on-farm research projects; and facilitates/delivers LambCheque / BeefCheque, Prograze, Wean More Lambs, benchmarking and Sustainable Soil Management courses and workshops through Meat & Livestock Australia EDGEnetwork to producers in SA and western Vic.

Services offered:

  • Consultancy
    • Soil / plant / animal nutrition, health and management
    • MLA EDGE Network programs - BeefCheque, LambCheque, Prograze, Wean More Lambs, Sustainable Soil Management
    • MLA More Beef from Pastures
    • AWI Making More from Sheep
    • Animal health market assurance programs - Johnes Disease in Cattle / Sheep / Alpacas
    • Livestock export - Cattle / Sheep / Alpaca
    • On-farm research trials
  • Veterinary
    • Preventative health programs
    • Parasite control programs
    • Disease investigation and research
    • On-farm production and reproduction services